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Don't laugh Clive! If you are new to the world of the Spectrum, then you will need to know How to become an instant Spectrum user. If you feel that you are already a True Spectrum User then prove it!


I decided to start this faq when I realised that there was no other faq that directly covered what I consider to be the most important part of the Spectrum; the games. Even the excellent Spectrum FAQ is concerned more with the hardware than software, but no computer proved more that playability was everything in a game and graphics were just something to be glossed over. So I have now compiled all the facts regarding questions about Spectrum games all into one document. And you are reading it now.

To be honest, it is more full of facts than faq's. It is like a list of trivia regarding Spectrum games rather than the most frequently asked questions, but who cares. Copy as much of it as you want and pass it on to your friends and relatives, but if you should make any money from it, I must ask for 50% of the profits. Thanks. And keep my name on it, in big letters and flashing lights.

As a side note, you may find various copies of this and my other Spectrum pages copied around the internet, attributed to my old domain name, 'jonlan.demon.co.uk'. This is the latest version of all those pages.


Section 0 - Information on this FAQ
0.1. The scope of this FAQ.
0.2. Other Spectrum FAQ's.
0.3. Credits.
0.4. Abreviations used in this FAQ.
0.5. Correcting this FAQ.
0.6. New bits.
0.7. Copying bits.

Section 1 - General Knowledge
1.2. How many Spectrum games are there?
1.3. Where can I get instructions for Spectrum games?
1.4. Which Spectrum game character appeared in the most games?
1.5. How can I put a snapshot back onto a Spectrum?
1.6. What is the largest compilation ever sold?
1.9. Can you get a virus in a Spectrum Game?
1.12. What Spectrum Magazines are still available?
1.13. How can I find a snap I am looking for?
1.14. Where can I get an Emulator to play games?
1.15. What is Lenslock, and how can I crack it?
1.16. How do I enter a POKE into a snapshot?

Section 2 - The Legends of Matthew Smith
2.1. Whatever happened to AOTMZFECFM?
2.2. Where is Matthew Smith now?
2.3. Why are there Enemy Toilets in Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy?
2.5. Were there any other Willy games?

Section 3 - The First and Best of their Kind
3.1. What was the first Spectrum coin-op conversion?
3.2. What games were the first of their kind?
3.3. What was the first game to have speech?
3.4. What was the first game with an animation/game while loading?
3.5. What was the first game with in-game music?
3.6. Which game featured the first piracy protection?
3.7. What was the first game released on CD?
3.8. What was the first and last game released for the Spectrum?

Section 4 - The Future
4.1. What Spectrum game characters have appeared on newer games?
4.2. What Spectrum games have been re-written on newer formats?

Section 5 - Groups and Listings
5.1. Which games have never actually been released?
5.2. Working Titles of Games.
5.3. What hidden games are there?
5.4. Which games are legally distributable?
5.5. A list of games series.
5.6. How did they get their name?
5.7. Game Types
5.8. Which Spectrum games can't be completed?
5.9. How did the various magazines score games?

Section 6 - The Ultimate Questions
6.1. Is there a trailer in Lunar Jetman?
6.2. Was there a third Jetman game?
6.3. The Ultimate Company names.
6.4. The Ultimate games linked.
6.5. Why were Ultimate so "Mysterious"?
6.6. Who were Ultimate?

So, on with the first frequently-asked question!

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

If the answers not here, then RTFM! "I damn-well liked that page so much I want to read more!" Written and compiled by Stephen Smith (stevo@REMOVE-THIScarlylesmith.karoo.co.uk) - He's permanently in a gloomy empty land with dreary hills ahead. (Did I get that right?). Spectrum users do it with a rubber.

Written by Stephen Smith.
Stephen Smith (stevo@REMOVE-THIScarlylesmith.karoo.co.uk)

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