Section 0 - Information on this FAQ

0.1. The Scope of This FAQ

This faq is only concerned with facts regarding Spectrum games, and anything directly associated with them. It also contains questions that still need answering. Should an opinion slip through, just ignore it; it's probably only there in jest. And absolutely no hardware talk please - it's dull as dishwater =). (Arg! There's an opinion already!)

0.2. Other Spectrum FAQ's

There are four other FAQ's for the Sinclair machines. One for the Spectrum, one for the ZX81 (only posted once), one for the QL (the newest version is at where "?" denotes 0,1,2,3 or 4.), and finally one for the Z88 somewhere...

If anybody can help with more specific locations of these then please email me.

0.3. Thanks To

Thanks must go to everyone who has contribute to this faq so far, and especially to Sir Clive Sinclair, for inventing the Spectrum and many other works of genius (except for the C5). Without their help this faq would not be what it is. They are as follows (in no particular order of priority):
Philip Kendall, Martijn van der Heide, Fergus Paget, Mat Simpson, Jim Grimwood, Neil "Yo-yo" Pawson, Hynek Med, Steve Gillot, Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta, Conor McMenamin, Mark Jones, Steven Fairbarn, Fredrik Ekman, Kevin Reilly, Markos Masouras, Hobster, Seamus Waldron, Ian Collier, Owen Massey, Pete Collier, Marc Firth, Damien Burke, Chris Own, Bill Bennet, Steve Lake, Richard G. Hallas, Francheska Fuka, Boudewijn Rempt, Matthew Pimm, W.J. Irwin, Gary Lancaster, Matt Barber, Robert Mellish, Russ Juckes, W. Nelson, Kevin Parker, Robert Hazelby, Eric March, Chris Wild, Conor McCarthy and George Hills.
Thanks to you all.

0.4. Abreviations used in this FAQThe following abbreviations are using in this faq to confuse and infuriate:

FAQ        - Frequently Asked Questions
YS         - Your Sinclair
SU         - Sinclair User
MM         - Manic Miner
JSW        - Jet Set Willy
AOTMZFECFM - Attack of the Mutant Zombie Flesh-Eating Chickens
             from Mars.
UDG        - User defined graphic(s)
DI         - Digital Integration
NES        - Nintendo Entertainment (apparently) System
ASAP       - As soon as possible
SCi        - Sales Curve International
MS         - Matthew Smith
PITA       - Pain in the Arse
There may be some more that have slipped through. Just have a good guess.


0.5. Correcting the FAQ

If you think any of the answers here a wrong, or you can give a more complete reply, please tell me. No fact is too ineffactual, no trivia too trivial. The questions and answers have been mostly copied from posts to comp.sys.sinclair and those that have emailed me, so thanks to those people who may recognise some of their postings and letters.

In addition, since this is now an .html version of the original ASCII document, it now contains links in many of the paragraphs. If you know of a link that I could add, or have spotted a link that is wrong, then I am relying on you to inform me so that I can change it!


0.6. New Bits

All new answers since the last edition of the faq have been marked with a "*" (when I remember) so that you can go straight to them without having to wade through old stuff if you're in a hurry, although I do go through a lot of the existing writing and change the odd word here or there to improve the English.


0.7. Copying Bits

Hey, who am I to argue? Copy whatever you like, but I would appreciate it if you would give credit to this FAQ please!
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