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Welcome to my Master WWW Index Page for all my Spectrum Web Pages. The Spectrum, being the greatest computer ever designed (see left) deserves such praise. How many other computers came with rubber keys and a sleek black colour? Anyway, simply click on the appropriate page and hold on tight! Cheers.

Stellar Forces - A modern Laser Squad remake
Sorcerers - A modern Chaos remake
The Spectrum Arcade - Play over 5,000 Spectrum games right now!

Spectrum Games FAQ

Everything you didn't know you didn't know regarding the plethora of games available for the Spectrum (..but were afraid to ask etc...). Questions (and answers) ranging from "What happened to AOTMZFECFM?" to "What on earth is AOTMZFECFM anyway?" can all be found here.

Where is Matthew Smith? Eh?

Matthew Smith, a God among mortals, still walks among us. And now we've found him! He wasn't hiding after all. Every scrap of information regarding MS is collated here for your perusal, including a growing selection of the few pics of him. (He seems to look different in each one, but I'm sure they're genuine...)

The Spectrum Games Quiz

Another excuse for a quick quiz to prove how amazing you are at remebering those little known facts from that era. I've forgotten most of the answers myself, but its still a good laugh and some of the questions are teasingly difficult.

Mag Slag - SU Fights Back!

Sinclair User - the greatest Spectrum magazine there ever was! There, I've said it. But where's the proof? Right here! YS readers enter at your peril.

Harry Goes Home

Harry Goes Home was one of the first games I bought for my Spectrum, and to prove how simple it is, I knocked up a version with just a few lines of C code. If you have a C-compiler, you can be playing this game now! (Yes, that is a good thing).

Instant Spectrum User Course

Become an instant Spectrum user in just 3 easy steps. If you need help obtaining an emulator, or obtain some classic games to play on it, or help on how to play the classic games you've just obtained, then look no further.

Are You a True Spectrum User?

Prove that you are now a True Spectrum User with this complex and devious quiz. It even includes a large picture of The Man himself! Calm down!!

SU Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics

A copy of the booklet given away on the front of an issue of Sinclair User from around 1985. Find out what the hit games were of yesteryear (and still are now?). Note that it is not finished yet (in fact hardly started).

Great Moments in Computing

All those great moments in Spectrum computing have been collected and logged for your entertainment, along with sarky comments (my speciality). What were you doing when "it" happened? And would your mother have approved?

Spectrum Games you can Physically Play

If the power has gone in your house, is your computer useless? Not any more! Well, okay then, it is. But you can still re-create golden moments from the golden era of computing by following these easy-to-follow instructions.

The Spectrum Dictionary

Quite often, people on the newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair use terms that the uninitiated will not understand, so this page aims to explain all those terms you didn't dare ask.

The Best Things in Spectrum Games

We all know the Spectrum has the best games, but what are the best bits of the best games? Which is the best weapon in a Spectrum game? The best alien? All is now revealed.

Crap Spectrum Games

They say that 90% of everything is crap, but looking at these offenders I would say more like 100%. But what exactly makes a game crap, rather than just irritating rubbish? Or is that it?

Sinclair Links

These are some links to other Spectrum pages you might find far more interesting than these few pages that I threw together.

All of these web pages have been written by Stephen Smith, and all comments are gratefully accepted. Please don't hesitate to inform me of any jokes I have used more than once. Oh, and a special thanks to Pizza who did the great logo at the top. FSR he wanted his credit stuck at the bottom of the page in small letters, and who am I to argue?

Written by Stephen Smith.