The Best Thing

in a Spectrum Game

The Spectrum is home to the greatest games ever invented, and never a day passes when some 16-bit programmer nicks one of the millions of original and great ideas that are to be found among the thousands of Spectrum games available. But which ones should they nick? Which bits of all the best Spectrum games are the best bits? Well, after a breif survey of comp.sys.sinclair, the following opinions are held. I have also tried my best to grab a piccie of it as well, just so you know why it's the best.

Best Weapon?

Best Sound Effect

Best Music?

Best Dying Sequence?

Best Alien/Monster

Which game would people most like to live in?

Best Graphics?

Best Explosions?

Most Gory?

Best End-Sequence?

So if you would like to disagree with any of these, or add your own, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll add your to the list. Provided the reason is good enough! The game with the most votes will be indicated.

Stephen Smith -

- Explosions look better with attribute clash.