The Spectrum Games Quiz!

This quiz will probe every aspect of your Spectrum gaming knowledge! Surrender your innermost software experience to The Spectrum Games Quiz!

Not to be confused with the Are You a True Spectrum User? page, which is more of an excuse to reminsice about the little-known facts from the older-days. This is a true quiz, and you will be expected to get most of them right, otherwise you will labelled a Commodore user, ostracized by society to be laughed and pointed at.

How to Play!

To answer the questions, simply enter an answer for each one in the box provided. Once you have filled them all in, click on "Send". This will then email it to me and I will reply to tell you if you are coorect. I was going to use CGI for this, but due to the complexity of the questions, and the fact that a few are multiple choice, I decided to do it via email.

Question 1

What game is this sprite from?

Question 2

Which of these is the odd one out?

Question 4

What is the name of this "baddy"?

Question 5

Which game is this from? (Clue: it moves up and down).

Question 6

What game is the computer telling me I am about to play?

Question 7

What type of building is this?

Question 8

Which of these is the odd one out and why?

Question 9

What is the name of this game an acronym for?

Question 10

What one of these is the odd one out?

Written by Stephen Smith.
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