Section 4 - The Future

4.1. What Spectrum game characters have appeared on newer games?

In the arcade coin-op beat'em up Killer Instinct (Rare) there is a character called "Baron Von Sabre Wulf". However, he bears little resemblance to Sabre Man as seen in Knightlore and the rest, although he does changed from werewolf to man though.

And Mats Ranlind tells us that PSION has produced another game in the Horace series: Horace in the Magic Forest. A Manic Miner kinda game, you go about picking stuff up and then to head for the exit which leads to the next room/level. The bad news is that it is released for their PSION palmtop series 3a. The fun is that they remember their roots and brings this cuddly little fella back from the past... :)

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