Section 6 - The Ultimate Questions

6.1. Is there a trailer in Lunar Jetman?

Apparently the picture in Crash of this game which had a trailer in it was a fake. There is no trailer in Lunar Jetman, virtually completely proved beyond all reasonable doubt when someone disassembled the game and went through it byte-by-byte. Someone has also played the game through to some of the very high levels (using a cheat, of course) still with no sign of a trailer.

Apparently a reader of Crash sent in a picture of the Lunar Rover pulling a caravan, about two months after this. (Needless to say a fake).

6.2. Was there a third Jetman game?

Yes there was. It was called Solar Jetman (Rare) and it only came out on the NES. The Sales Curve were going to convert this to the Spectrum, but it never came to light. Incidently, Jetpac crashes when your score becomes too high. Not a common problem for me, I'm afraid.

6.3. The Ultimate Company names.

Ultimate started out as Ashby Computers and Graphics (A.C.G.), before changing it to Ultimate Play the Game. They then changed it to Rare, and worked with Nintendo who owned a 25% stake in the company, producing excellent coin-ops like Killer Instinct. Then they were bought out by Micro$oft, to produce games for the XBox.

6.4. The Ultimate Games Linked.

The Ultimate games (namely Sabre Man) are linked in the following way. If anybody can add more to this, or if it is wrong, then please tell me.

Sabre Man fell into the land of Sabre Wulf. When he found the exit, he entered the Underwurlde. Unfortunately he was bitten by the junglewulf at sometime during this, turning him into a lycanthrope (werewolf). The only way he could cure this was to go to Knightlore Castle and employ the talents of the wizard Melkhior to free him from the curse. Once he succeeded here, he then became a Wizard himself for the tasks set in Pentagram.

6.5. Why were Ultimate so "Mysterious"?

According to one of the few interviews they gave (to The Games Machine in 1988), they were basically too busy to talk to journalists. Since they believed (and may have been correct) that there was too much bias given by computer magazines to games produced by companies that advertised the most, and spent their time producing the best Spectrum games at the time, it was for the best that they kept themselves to themselves.

6.6. Who were Ultimate?

Ultimate were made up mainly of two brothers, Chris and Tim Stamper, although they did hire other programmers for various programming duties.

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