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Its War! But its not real, so it must be a simulation! So its Sim War!

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to every other game in the Command & Conquor genre, Sim War doesn't bring anything new to the series, except for the fact that it proves I could write a deliberately lower-quality version if I wanted to.

You can download it for free right now to prove I haven't just mocked up a picture. You will need Java to run it, which you can download here. This of course means that it runs on Windows or Linux.

What You Need

To play this game you will need (as well as the software) is a network of at least 2 PC's, and a person sat at each with a willingness to play the game.

While it downloads, here's a screenshot to keep you interested:-

Screenshot 1[insert caption when I think of something funny]

Still not downloaded? I know what you mean; that Java runtime comes in at about 20Mb. My prog is only about 500K! Anyway, here's another screenshot. By the time you've finished admiring this, it should be downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What separates this from any other C&C clone?

    Not a lot really. You can see all the individual bullets hitting your opponent though (as opposed to just seeing a bullet flash coming from your troops guns), so you can tell how well you're doing. It's also designed to be quick and fun to play.

  2. Do I recognise those graphics?

    Speak to my solicitor.

    Going back to 1) again, I've thought of something. It does have proper line of sight, which most games of this ilk don't have, so the enemy units will "disappear" if you're men can't see them (i.e. because a building is in the way). So that's something.


Programmed by Stephen Smith (