GTA-MUD is a free multi-player text adventure that you can play right now by doing one of the following:-

What's it all about then?
This game is what is termed a MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, a name which harkens back to the 80's when all games of this ilk involved elves and dwarves wanderng around a dungeon looking for treasure. In this game, gangsters, pimps and cops wander around a city looking for action. You can do all the things you really wanted to do in GTA but the game couldn't cater for you.

The great thing is, because it's a MUD it means it's massively multi-player; there are lots of other people running around trying to make it in the big city, and you can help or hinder them as you see fit, on your way to the top.

This game is set in the same environment as the excellent GTA series of games. You can walk around a living, breathing city doing whatever you want to do, as long as you're prepared to pay the consequences. Want to rob a bank? No problem as long as you don't mind the police being on your back. Want to help the police by being a bounty hunter? Don't expect your bounty to give himself up easily. You get the idea.

How is this different from other MUD's?
One problem I find with other MUD's is that even though they are multi-player, you can spend ages wandering around looking for someone else. I aim to prevent this from happening. I want this game to be fun from the off so the players can get right into the action. For that reason there are only two stats based on the most important things in this game world - health and cash, and both of these are set straight automatically at the start. The only other stat that's important is the calibre of the weapon you are carrying!